Dental Bridges and Flossing

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Posted on 27th June 2012 by DrStover in Uncategorized

Having a dental bridge may give the impression that this portion of your mouth doesn’t need the same level of attention as those areas that still have your natural teeth. The truth is just the opposite. You should treat a dental bridge just the same as your other natural teeth. And the best way to do this is to continue an excellent program of oral hygiene with routine flossing and brushing.

However, your dentist will advise you to floss in a specific way around your dental bridge. The steps for proper flossing around a dental bridge are outlined below, but the basics are just slightly different from normal flossing. When you start to floss both ends of the bridge, one should slide the floss out rather than moving the floss up and snapping it out. This technique will be demonstrated to you by your dentist or oral hygienist. You will also require a special instrument to floss underneath the artificial tooth in the middle of the bridge. This special instrument is called a floss-threader and can be found at your local drug store or pharmacy.

Flossing around your dental bridge is important because although the bridge covers the visible space of your teeth above the gum line, you can still develop cavities where the bridge meets the natural tooth supporting structure. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits can help to prevent and treat any potential problems.

Steps To Proper Flossing for Dental Bridges

1. Using a bridge floss threader, thread a piece of dental floss about 14 to 18 inches long through the loop, leaving one side about half as long as the other.

2. Insert the end of the floss threader without the hole in between the bridge and the gum line.

3. While holding  to the long end of floss,  reach up and pull the pointed end of the floss threader all the way through.

4. Now holding onto the dental floss with both hands, move the floss back and forth under the bridge.

5. Floss completely underneath the bridge using back and forth motions.

6. Be sure to floss all of the way across from one end of the bridge to the other.

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